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Weather Information

Here is what the weather is currently doing at my house. If you click on the image it will take you to the Weather Underground website where you can see all the information that my weather station collects.

Weather Underground PWS KWAANATO2

The view from the webcam at my house. The camera will only upload an image during daylight hours. I have it set to keep the last picture for the day until the next morning. I'm still testing this feature so it may have some outages until I get all the bugs worked out of it.

I first became interested in weather spotting by watching the storm chaser shows on T.V. but it was just a dream. Once I became a ham radio operator I found out how much weather spotting is tied into the hobby. My family bought me a Lacrosse weather station for Christmas and I started monitoring my local weather. One day in March, I took a day off work and drove to Enterprise, Oregon (60 miles South) and went to a Weather Spotter Training class put on by the National Weather Service.

Once I received my spotter number I began logging the weather and checking into the morning weather net (Group of people exchanging their weather information) on the 146.800 Spout Springs Repeater. This data is collected from each Ham Radio Operator and then relayed on to the NWS in Portland Where it is used by anyone interested in looking at long term trends of weather.

I now have a wireless webcam so and am in the process of setting it up to upload weather photos to this site. Hopefully that will the next phase of the site.

Thanks for looking at my weather page and if anyone is interested in setting up something similar to this let me know and I can help out in anyway possible.